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Fixed Method Mistake Log retirval. Substantial applications lead to delays which induced the old conclusion of log code Now we await a PROMPT. A '>' on the line with practically nothing else but alpha numerics, hypen, and underscore. We must do this due to the fact there is usually embedded '>' chars inside the error log.

Additional error checking to NVRAMDisk permit to show any mistake described because of the gadget (like inadequate NVRAM.

Fastened bug in Cresnet unit reporting which would re-query for unique IDs whenever they were not found in the cached report.

Added default button to QueryType desk. Set extra ideal defaults for all queries, and stuck two spelling faults.

When uploading, you can be questioned if you prefer to to save, that has a Look at box to not clearly show this once more.

Extra auto purge to disk of debug logs. Polls after a moment for no session activity, when this happens it checks The present memory allocated for logs and if larger than the Restrict specified (100MB at present) it dumps them to disk and frees all memory.

ProgramSend for Adagio method, just after sending ootbfload or progload, modified software halt timeouts to 15s/45s and carry failures through.

Added timestamp to filename of each individual session log. Also set the time from the file throughout the zip to time the session was opened.

If duplicate IDs ended up uncovered, then further sibling networks were not checked. This is sort of suitable, but needs to be boy or girl networks in lieu of sibling check here networks.

Altered cresnet load start off checking for XModem. We now must see 4 consecutive "C"s without any other textual content concerning. If we see anything, we reset our depend to 0. We also flush recieve between each Test, so Additionally, it wants to see very little right up until an area is distributed, triggering An additional "C"

You can now set a challenge route for the tree. It is going to seem In this particular path for all contact panel tasks without the must browse separately for each.

Improved Error detection with the GetDirListing skill the place specific problems should be deemed "folder not uncovered". Rather than in fact mistakes. (bug #12270).

Mounted issues when "Terminate All" is utilized durin Process Load. Merchandise would cancel but one particular additional upload tries, all products would usually come up as 'canceled' stating 'never commenced'

Improve parametric audio command to "filter" from "filter

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